The Navajo Nation Christian Response Team is a 501(c)3 non profit organization founded in 2017 by director of Western Indian Ministries (WIM) Chuck Harper, Assistant to Director Seth Stevens, Volunteer Adam Dehiya, and Volunteer Kyle Curley. After morning devotions with Vice President of the Navajo Nation Jonathan Nez, the challenge was made to help Navajo families who's homes were damaged and destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. With the vision of seeing young Navajo men and women leaving the reservation to serve others just as Jesus Christ served. The vision was presented before our Navajo Nation Christian Leadership Summit (NNCLS) which consisted of pastors from all around the Navajo Nation. A resounding yes filled the room and we began planning for our first trip to Port Arthur Texas as team Bluebird. Letters to local businesses were sent out to help fund our first trip and team. We received support from our communities and Churches on the Navajo Reservation. Media and promotion was led by Seth Stevens and Adam Dehiya, communications was led by Kyle Curley, and our safety officer was Tim Tsoodle. Chuck and Cindy Harper along with WIM's accountants helped with the monetary donations and logistics. Together in prayer, we were able to make history in America, the Native American's are no longer just a mission field, with Christ they are the redeemed First Nations people, ready to serve. On behalf of the NNCRTeam, Ahéhee (thank you) for your prayers and support. 


Our Mission

  • To mobilize the Navajo Nation/Diné people to assist Families in their time of need. 

What we do

  • We will be rotating groups to travel to the affected "disaster" areas to help gather contact information and assist with construction.
  • We will also be keeping in contact with the families to offer prayer and update them on the status of NNCRT's efforts.

GOALS for next trip

To help two more churches who need sheet rocking and one house that has a mom and two special needs children that also need sheet rock. They were relocated to another state and would love to return to their home so their children can not feel displaced. We are also taking the opportunity to honor the First Responders of Port Arthur (Fire & Police) by conducting a Musical Presentation by Rehoboth and providing a meal with the World Famous Navojo Taco (Bluebird style). We are still looking for those individuals to oversee the sheetrock installation and if you are interested as a skilled sheetrocker, please sign up today. We would also love to wish each of you and your families a Blessed Easter Day and encourage you to take your families to your local church.


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If you know anyone who has been affected by Hurricane Harvey in the Texas area, please contact us so we can begin the process of gathering information to further assist in the recovery efforts in the months to come.